John W. Edwards, Jr., is the former Executive Director of Northeast Florida Community Action Agency, Inc. (NFCAA) since October 1993.  Edwards is also former Chairman of the board of directors of Community Action Partnership, Washington, DC; past President of Florida Association for Community Action (FACA); past Co-Chairman of the Jacksonville Living Wage Coalition; and current Immediate Past Chairman of the Emergency Services and Homeless Coalition of Jacksonville, Inc., are among his community involvement interests. In addition, he is a certified national Peer-Peer ROMA Master Trainer, a national certified Pathways Reviewer for the Community Action Standards of Excellence and a Certified Community Action Professional.  Edwards consults with community action agencies and other networks nationally.

He has a broad background and knowledge in: Program Policy Administration, Organizational Planning, Management Principles and Administration, Administrative Services Management, Budget Preparation and Control, Cost Accounting Principles, Contract Management, and Managing and Leading People.  Edwards is a leadership, board of directors, management, and organizational problem-solving consultant with a track record of effectiveness.

Business Planning

Our business professionals can help a business to start-up and expand, with a professionally developed business plan to guide business decisions now and into the future.  Coming up with a great idea for a new business or for a way to turn around or expand an existing business, can be a tremendous challenge.  A properly crafted business plan can help plot out the business objectives, marketing strategy, operations procedures, and the right combination of expertise, equipment, location, and sheer capital that will be required to convert your ideas into reality.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is interwoven into the entire fabric of business management.  It is not something separate and distinct from the process of management.  The point is underscored throughout our business philosophy.  Our approach is to give attention to the shifting focus of management from operations to strategy.  Finally, we center on the fundamental designs of strategic planning that can support management decision making today and into the future.

Organizational Analysis, Structure & Design

Our definition of business organization recognizes the need for formally coordinating the interaction patterns of organization members.  We analyze the structure of the organization that stipulates how tasks are to be allocated, who reports to whom and the formal coordinating mechanisms patterns that are to be followed.  We study the structure of the organization from three components consisting of complexity, formalization and centralization.  Design is concerned with construction and changing an organization’s structure to achieve its goals.  We review the organization from both the macro and micro points of view and make recommendations for optimal productivity.

Human Resources Consulting

We practice human resources functions from designing personnel policy and procedures manuals, employee hand books, developing position descriptions, rules of conduct, drug testing policies, pre-employment and work maturity skills training for prospective workers and current employees.  We offer communication skills training, maintaining a positive attitude, plan tomorrow’s work today and supervisory skills training with emphasis on facilitating the success of subordinates.